Top 10 Museums to Visit in the World

Museums are one of the places that history lovers like me love to frequent. It doesn’t matter where we are, we always are on the lookout for museums so we can visit them and get new experience and get more knowledge.

In fact, we don’t even really think much about the kind of museum we are visiting. Of course, there are some among us who prefer specific kinds of museums such as art museums or such but we love almost every kind of museum in general, making it even harder for us to select the best ones out there! However, here are a few that you simply must check out if you’re museum lover like me:


  1. Louvre Museum, France: I bet you’ve heard of this Museum, it houses the famous Mona Lisa which was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci- but that’s not all. It’s the most prominent museum of France and it’s one of the most revered in the whole world! So, be sure to check this one out!
  2. British Museum: The British museum in Britain is one of the oldest and most beautiful museums in all of Europe, one that you simply can’t afford to miss!
  3. Natural History Museum, London: This is one of the best Natural History museums in the world. Given the fact that natural history museums are pretty rare anyway, it’s one of the museums you must visit if you’re ever in London!
  4. Deutsches Museum: This museum is located in Munich, Germany, and is one of the world’s largest museums on science and technology. Truly worth a visit!
  5. Capitoline Museum: The Capitoline museum of Rome is one of the oldest Museums of Europe, be sure to visit it for one of the largest and most beautiful collections!
  6. Vatican Museum: The Vatican Museum, naturally, is the one at Vatican City and is a really beautiful one.
  7. Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York City is one of the most diverse museums of art on the entire planet!
  8. National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C: This is one of the only museums of its kind, making it one of the places that you must visit at least once even if you’re not a museum lover.
  9. Cairo Museum, Egypt: The Cairo Museum of Egypt is one of the most loved museums in the entire world! If you ever go there, be sure to check out the mask of Tutankhamen!
  10. Indian Museum, India: The Indian museum in India, finally, is one of the best museums in all of Asia. If you are looking for good museums there, this might just be the right destination for you!

Make sure you enjoy life and travel and get the most out of it. Working hard is important, but you must stop to enjoy what you’ve worked for. Take it from me, I’ve work with my hand from doing construction to tree removal and it pays to take a break to enjoy what you got.

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